System Installation

Protection around the clock

We provide retro fits for existing systems upon request.

This utilizes wiring, boxes, ect. that you have already purchased to keep cost down while updating your existing system.

Whether it's a small or large business we have what your looking for...

  • Video Surveillance

  1. Demos available before purchase to ensure we satisfy your needs.
  2. Software for any computer/mobile device platform for live streaming 24/7 anywhere in the world!
  3. Different memory capacities to suit your need from days to months of storage so you pay for exactly what you want... not too much, not too little.
  4. Specialized software to make playing back recorded footage a simple, easy task.
  5.  All new installations warrantied for 1 year, parts and labor.
  • Fire Alarms

  1. 5 years unconditional warranty including lightening on parts.
  2. Facility management software .
  3. Systems ranging from small to large so you get just what your looking for.
  4. Voice Evacuation Systems
  5. Monitor sprinkler systems
  6. Inspections/maintenance
  7. Can supply a certificate (if needed)
  • Access Control

  1. Control where and when employees or people enter your building.
  2. Logs date and times.
  3. Can lock down or unlock your facility in a emergency.
  4. No need for keys anymore. So no begging for your keys back from previous employees or staff, simply delete the user.
  5. Software to control your building from anywhere in the world.
  6. Systems that are designed to fit your present and future needs.
  • Intrusion/Burglar Alarms

  1. Tailored systems to keep you secure.
  2. Integrated Automation for Business.
  3. Systems to designed for your needs.
  • Nurse Call

  • Monitoring (UL listed & 5 diamond certified Security Central)

  1. Whether you are on vacation or just home for the weekend let Certified Security Systems give you peace of mind knowing your business is covered around the clock.
  2. Fastest response time in the industry.
  3.  Very competitive rates.
  4. IP, Cellular and radio communications to choose from.
  • Gate Operators

  1. Keep your perimeter secure.
  2. Integrates to your access control.